UI Driving Simulator tour: Tom and Gary share a light moment under cloudy skies.

UI Driving Simulator tour: Safety skills tested … what’s it like to exceed 100?

UI Driving Simulator: Research yields data that helps make our public roads safer.

UI Driving Simulator: Volvo wagon packed with research technologies.

Wheels and Watches: Porsches own the parking lot!

Porsche Parade: Pennsylvania’s Poconos welcome Porsche Nation.

Porsche Parade: Gimmick Rally competitors cross a one-lane toll bridge.

Red Meat for Motorheads: collector cars in various states of repair.

Red Meat for Motorheads: CIA PCA 356 enthusiast certainly makes his mark!

Red Meat for Motorheads: Pat Lind and his prized Jensen-Healey championship car.

Red Meat for Motorheads … and decorator cookies galore!

Red Meat for Motorheads: Anyone care to argue the point?

Red Meat for Motorheads: A touch of Britain in Waterloo.

Red Meat for Motorheads: Nothing more need be said.

Red Meat for Motorheads: Small mementoes of a big past.

Red Meat for Motorheads: Showroom for the ages.

Wheels and Watches: Hot parking lot at Siebke-Hoyt.

UI Driving Simulator: Porsches adorn the parking lot.

UI Driving Simulator: Old blends beautifully with new.

Wheels and Watches: Who can resist the yummy sweets?

Wheels and Watches: Best plate ever!

Wheels and Watches: Siebke-Hoyt welcomes visitors.

Wheels and Watches: Motorheads descend on Siebke-Hoyt.

Wheels and Watches: DJ’s name’s is DJ … for real!


Wheels and Watches.

Wheels and Watches.

Wheels and Watches.

Wheels and Watches.

Wheels and Watches.

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