August 2023: Airport Pancake Breakfast

July 2023: Cedar Ridge Winery here we are!

July 2023: The lineup at Cedar Ridge Winery.

May 2023: Jetset to Maifest

June 2023: Dmitry at Wheels and Watches II

2023: Cars and Coffee at 392 Caffee, Davenport

May 2023: Hello Bier Stube, LeClaire.

June 2023: Hooray for Wheels and Watches II!

June 2023: Escape to Wisconsin’s scenic roadways!

August 2023: Dena finally gets a break at the Ice Cream Social.

April 2023: Film Scene “Movie Madness” with Steve McQueen

August 2023: Loving the Ice Cream Social


2022 UI Driving Simulator tour: Safety skills tested!

2022; Red Meat for Motorheads–Waterloo



Best vanity plate ever?